Extend your warranty for FREE.

All it takes is 3 simple steps.

Take a photo of your Benithem product.

Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Google reviews.
Set your post as Public.

Submit your information
and paste the URL on the form below.

In order to benefit from the complimentary extension of 2 years on top of the default warranty period, you will have to post at least one review on any of our social media pages eg. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram publicly, then complete the Complimentary Warranty Extension Request form. This has to be done within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the product. Please be informed that complimentary warranty extension only applicable for Fein, Z365 and Palette.

Purchase Warranty

If the invoice number consists of more than 1 product, please specify the product you wish to purchase warranty for in the message box.

The products can only be warranted for a maximum of (excluding complimentary extension)

  • Fein , Z365 & Trendy - 5 years
  • Palette - 3 years

A notice of the outcome of your extension of warranty will be emailed to you.

Complimentary Warranty Extension Request