How to make a claim for warranty?

Contact us

for inspection and check warranty

Take photo

of defective part

Fill up

the Application of Warranty Form

New parts

will be delivered after submission

1. Before submitting the warranty claim form, contact us via email or message us on Facebook to request for an inspection of the chair. Please include clear photos of the defects in your request and we will proceed to troubleshoot and check if the product is still under warranty before concluding if you are required to submit the warranty claim form.

2. Once the inspection has been concluded, complete the warranty claim form below.

3. We will inform you of the outcome of your application and the procedures to take within 3 working days after the submission. New parts will be shipped and delivered to the given address and arrangements will also be made to pick up the faulty parts from you, free of charge. A video will be provided with clear instructions on how to proceed with the replacement of the parts.

4. In the event where the product is still not usable after the replacements are installed, please contact us at We will assist you with troubleshooting. If the problem still persists, we will make arrangements for a technician to fix the product for you free of charge

Benithem reserves the right to deny any warranty claims made if there are reasons to believe that the claim is dishonest or made in bad faith. This includes the attempt to make a warranty claim and refusal to provide clear photos for assessment of the defective parts on the product.

If you require Benithem to replace parts outside of the warranty period due to the following reasons:

  • Missed the grace period of 2 weeks for complimentary extension or
  • Already warranted up to the maximum years (excluding complimentary extension) or
  • Did not purchase additional warranty

We will arrange a technician to help your replacement, and you will have to bear the full cost of the parts and service charge.

This warranty is strictly applicable to products sold from Benithem Online Stores only. Products purchased from unauthorized distribution channels will be void of warranty. For purchases from our distributors, please contact them for warranty claims.

Warranty Claim